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A Java Programming Introductory and Intermediate Training Course

A Java Programming Introductory and Intermediate Training Course
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A Java Programming Introductory and Intermediate Training Course
by Stephen Blaha

Paperback: 616 pages
Dimensions (in inches): 1.34 x 10.81 x 8.03
Publisher: 1stBooks Library
ISBN: 0759605696; (December 2000)

Book Description: A Java Programming Introductory and Intermediate Training Course describes Java Programming as it ought to be described: direct, clear, to the point. This book is based on the best available corporate training course on Java - a course that was licensed for use by the top computer company in the world, and also licensed for use by all the intelligence agencies of the US government. It was taught to over 1,000 students at major software companies, corporations and governmental agencies including major Wall Street firms and several software companies that are key players in Java software. It is a battle-tested approach to learning Java. The book's price is remarkably low when you consider that a training course guidebook typically cost from $600 to $800 - if you can purchase one.

A Java Programming Introductory and Intermediate Training Course takes the straightforward "anyone can do it" approach of corporate training courses and translates that to the printed page. The result is an information rich book without the vague excess verbiage that is seen so often in thousand-page dinosaurs. The book is appropriate for programmers familiar with any modern programming language. It clearly describes the basics of the language that are frequently sloughed over. It then describes important features of the language: object-oriented features, components, windowing, event handling, layouts, TCP sockets, polymorphism, threading, threadgroups, exceptions, graphics, the Swing package, applets, standalone programming, security issues, file handling and so on.

The result is a very thorough presentation of the primary features of the Java language with lots of programming examples. The programming examples have been thoroughly tested and are error free. They are available by email request to

An important feature of the book is portability between Java versions. Many versions of Java have appeared since 1995 creating significant issues of upward compatibility in Java. The book trains programmers to use language features that work in all versions of Java since the appearance of Java 1.1. The result is a portable coding approach that helps programmers avoid rewriting code as new Java versions appear.

The book is aimed at individuals with some programming experience in a computer language such as COBOL, Pascal, Perl, C, C++ and so on. Concepts are explained in a simple clear way.

From the Publisher: Stephen Blaha is one of the exciting writers of programming books. His C++ text set a new standard for accuracy and thoroughness. His Java book brings the same thorough, down to earth, clear approach to learning Java programming.

About the Author: Dr. Stephen Blaha is a nationally known lecturer on programming languages. Dr. Blaha has taught literally thousands of students Java, C and C++. His book, ANSI C++ for Professional Programmers, is a standard work in the C++ language with a 5 star rating on His course materials have been licensed by the largest computer companies to teach to their employees and by major U. S. government agencies. Dr. Blaha is noted for his clear, precise, authoritative style.

Customer Reviews
A Great Book to Learn From, January 10, 2002
Reviewer: A reader from San Francisco, CA USA

This book teaches Java in a straightforward clear way. I liked the lack of excess verbiage. Many clear examples. Important details were explained that other intro books ignored or just talked around. Excellent for the programmer who has to learn Java.

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