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Beginning Java 2 - Jdk 1.3 Edition

Beginning Java 2 - Jdk 1.3 Edition
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Beginning Java 2 - Jdk 1.3 Edition (Programmer to Programmer)
by Ivor Horton

Paperback: 1000 pages
Dimensions (in inches): 2.57 x 9.26 x 7.26
Publisher: Wrox Press Inc.
ISBN: 1861003668; 1st edition (April 2000)

Book Description: A second edition Beginning Java title is now required because: In quarter one, 2000, Sun will release version 1.3 of their Java Developers Kit (JDK 1.3). This is significant because: The fastest Java platform performance ever is now available for download, and is coming to your mailbox from America Online (AOL), thanks to an agreement between Sun and AOL to deliver the Java Runtime Environment on the AOL 5.0 CD-ROM. The newest version of J2SE technology, v 1.3, will deliver momentous performance gains and improved Web deployment for enterprise-grade, client-side applications. And just about everything else developers have been asking for:

Client-side users now enjoy the speed advantage of the new Java HotSpot compiler which has been tuned for client performance. The result is much faster thread handling, improved scalability and rapid memory allocation for objects, smaller RAM footprint, and the platform has gained a much more efficient garbage collector. All of these enhancements spell speed for the desktop user. For Graphical User Interface (GUI) performance, the Java Foundation Classes and Swing libraries have been super-tuned to enhance scrolling speed. The GUI components that developers use to create tables and frames for their applications have also been improved.

Book Info: For anyone who wants to program in Java. Assumes no previous programming experience.

From the Publisher: Online discussion of the topics in this book available at Wrox's P2P site

This book is a fast paced and comprehensive tutorial introduction to application development using Java. It is ideal for novice Java programmers who have some previous programming exposure and are able to run with the fast pace. Almost all new entrants to Java are coming from previous programming experience.

About the Author: After countless years in the computer industry both doing and managing, Ivor has taken up writing on programming topics for relaxation. When not relaxing, he takes an interest in cosmology, cacti, chaos and cameras, and does a little editing of other people's efforts on the side.

Customer Reviews
I Like it Like that!, January 5, 2001
Reviewer: Humayun Ali from North attleboro, MA USA

After searching several books that would teach java 2, I have concluded this is the best book I could find. Don't be fooled by the title "beginning java 2" This book is a whopping 1100 pages plus (and smaller than usual font). Covers Java Core, I/O Streams, util package, Threads, Basic to Intermediate Swing (graphics) and JDBC (database). It is well written with good explanations, Code Snip lets and "Diagrams!". The explanations are detailed which is great for novice programmers and useful for seasoned programmers moving from another language to Java when stuck with a concept. Seasoned non java programmers can read through the code snip-lets and grasp concepts through the numerous diagrams that explain key concepts easily. It is not a skim by the surface book leaving you with holes of thought nor is it a book that just covers elementary topics. The author goes from the elementary to intermediate level with good detail. It is not a quick reference. Well Done! Ivor Horton

One of the best introductions to Java, December 18, 2001
Reviewer: Thomas Paul from Plainview, NY USA

I have reviewed many beginner books on Java in the search for a textbook for an "Introduction to Java" class that I teach at Hofstra University. Few of these books have met the goal of providing a solid base of knowledge upon which a programmer can build. Ivor Horton's "Beginning Java" is one of those few. This book is an excellent introduction to Java for anyone who has a basic understanding of programming and is willing to apply some effort to learn the language. Horton proceeds at a rapid pace to cover virtually every important topic in Java outside of the Enterprise Edition. Starting with the basics of the Java language Horton explains the Java syntax in great detail. He then goes on to cover exceptions, streams, utility classes, threads, GUI (with a concentration on Swing), file processing, and database access using JDBC. Each chapter builds upon the previous chapter using extensive, well designed and clearly explained examples. Although the book covers a wide range of topics, it does not treat any of them lightly. Many introductory books fall short in the very important topic of object oriented technique. Horton does an excellent job of both explaining OO and then using it in his many examples. Unlike other books that you may read and discard, this is a book that will continue to provide help far into your Java career. The latest edition of this book includes revisions for JDK 1.3.

I honestly think it's a good book, April 16, 2002
Reviewer: Israel Sioson from Philippines

My friend and I have a collection of books which we swap with each other and it's a pretty good scheme because if I read something which I think [is bad] he wouldn't bother wasting time reading that book, and vice versa, plus it saves us both money. I accompanied my friend when he bought the book Beginning Java 2. At first glance of the book, we both felt that it'd be a long exhaustive reading because it's too thick, I can't even hold it properly in my hands. But my friend bought it anyway, with my influence, because we know it will be beneficial to us and we're both excited on learning Java. Two months passed and my friend gave-up on the book, he said it was too boring and confusing. Still I borrowed the book from him hoping I'll have a different perspective.

While I was reading it, I too found it confusing, I spent a lot of time rereading paragraphs before comprehending it. I cannot seem to fully understand why Mr. Horton wrote the book as it is. Having read a few hundred pages from the book without full-comprehension of Mr. Horton's writing style I too gave-up. But after a few months and after a little java research from the web I continued reading the book, with a little bit more knowledge about java, I begun understanding more of Mr. Horton's explanations and found the book informative. I honestly think it's a good book and I'm sure Mr. Horton exerted a lot of effort writing the book, I wouldn't give it a 4 or 5 star rating though because it consumed a lot of my time. The reason I think why many rated the book 1 or 2 stars is because the examples and the way it is written doesn't interests them and because it's been crowded with too many confusing explanations. It's not a book which you'll be reading with great enthusiasm but if you're only interested in learning Java and doesn't give a damn reading such a thick boring book, then by all means try the book, I'm certain it'll give you a good foundation in Java.

Do not buy this book, March 25, 2002
Reviewer: Mark Roberts from San Angelo, TX, USA

This book is horribly written. I plan on burning it when my java class is finished. Chapters 8, 9, and 10 are exceptionally bad. They cover file io, and it tells you how to instantiate a class, but not how to use it. Amid the maze and jumble of words, some have been able to glean a meaning from the examples he's given. Most of us weren't so lucky. Rest in peace, Java class.. rest in peace. More than 2/3 my java class is failing because the book isn't worth the pages it's printed on. He could not have chosen a more obtuse way of wording things.

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