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Java from the Beginning

Java from the Beginning
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Java from the Beginning
by Jan Skansholm

Publisher: Pearson Higher Education
ISBN: 0201398125; 1st edition (January 2000)

From the Back Cover: Features
• Requires no previous programming experience, and focuses on building programming skills by example
• Object-oriented programming and design are integrated throughout
• Offers examples of many different kinds of graphics components during its presentation of graphical user interfaces (GUIs)
• Provides a complete discussion of inheritance mechanisms, covering such concepts as dynamic binding, polymorphism, abstract classes, and interfacing
• Dedicates entire chapters to the following Java topics: exception handling, active objects and threads, events handling, streams and files, and communication.

About the Author: Jan Skansholm is a lecturer in the Computer Science Department at Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Customer Reviews
Excellent beginnners book., April 16, 2000
Reviewer: Roar Jensen from Roskilde, Denmark

"Java from The Beginning" is almost a perfect beginners book on OOP using Java. It gently starts by teaching you how to set up yor Java environment. Then it begins telling you how to create yor own classes using examples showing how to create and use variables and methods. This book covers the basic parts of Java and introduces more advanced features like threads, eventdriven programs and networking. It dosn't cover the advanced features very deeply but it provides you with a good base for futher reading. This book also contains an introduction to object oriented design. Again not very deeply covered, but it gives you a good base for further reading.

Excellent beginners book., April 16, 2000
Reviewer: Roar Jensen from Roskilde, Denmark

"Java From the Beginning" is an excellent first step into object oriented programming using Java. I've read several books in the 'getting started with java' context. This one is the absolute best I've read in this context. "Java From the Beginning" really starts from the beginning. It gently introduces you to set up your java environment and how to use the java-tools.

This book is an introduction to OOP using Java. It does a really good job. It keeps you on track, making sure you are not forgetting anything by good and relevant exercises and it also continuosly keeps putting new knowledge on what you just learned. "Java From the Beginning" teach you how to constuct classes and programs in good object oriented tradition. It shows you how to use terms like inheritance and polymorphism in proper ways. It starts from the beginning using primitive examples and later on th book also covers more advanced features like Threads, Eventdriven programming and networking. These advanced features are not deeply covered, but they are covered in a way that provides you with a good base for optaining futher knowledge.

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