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Introduction to Java Programming (3rd Edition)

Introduction to Java Programming (3rd Edition)
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Introduction to Java Programming (3rd Edition)
by Y. Daniel Liang

Paperback: 784 pages
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 013031997X; 3rd edition (December 15, 2000)

Book Description (Pearson Education): A first course textbook for Java students or professional with some programming experience, offering a step-by-step approach to the principles of Java programming. The CD-ROM, for instructors using the text, includes PowerPoint lecture slides, answers to review questions, and source code from the text. Softcover. DLC: Java (Computer program language).

From the Back Cover: This book covers JDK 1.2—the newest version of this programming language, principles of programming, and core Java features. A step-by-step approach first lays a sound foundation on programming elements, control statements, and methods, and then introduces object-oriented programming, finally moving on to graphical user interface, applets, internationalization, multithreading, multimedia, I/O, and networking. Representative examples, abundant pedagogy, and multiple exercises provide users with an outstanding introduction to Java. Chapter topics include primitive data types and operations; control statements; methods; programming with objects and classes; class inheritance; arrays and vectors; getting started with graphics programming; creating user interfaces; applets and advanced graphics; exception handling; internationalization; multithreading; multimedia; input and output; and networking. For professionals learning Java programming with Jbuilder3.

Customer Reviews
Introduction to Java Programming, September 23, 2000
Reviewer: A reader from Edmonton, alberta Canada

I'm really surprised that a number of reviewers who found this book to be "poor". I've used it in the past year to help me obtain my Java Certified Programmer status .... I think it's one of the best Intro. Java "teaching" books out in the market. This maybe due to differences in the reviewer's computing background ... if you know C++ or C, I think this is a great book. Dr. Liang doesn't cover OOP basics very well in this book so that might be the problem.

I recommend readers to manually type all of Dr. Liang's example programs ... there are literally hundreds and run them. Excellent way to learn Java. Use an earlier Java IDE (not JBuilder3 or equivalent) or just the JDK 1.2 .... that's the best way to learn Java. Buy this book if you already have some background in Object Oriented Programming (e.g. C++ ) or strong C, I still think it's one of the better Intro. Java books around. If you don't have any C++ or other OOP languages .. you might want an easier introduction to Java ... try Schaum's outline series.

Good textbook for academic environment, December 27, 2001
Reviewer: Thomas L. McQueary from N. Richland Hills, TX United States

It seems people either love or hate this book. As a Java Instructor, I have used this book for several years, starting with the first edition. It seems to work well with students who have previous programming experience with a language such as C or C++. I like the way the book is organized - first the Java syntax, then OO fundamentals, then GUI design, then more advanced material such as threading and networking. I would rate it 5 stars except for the numerous typo errors. It does seem to be unforgivable to repeat some of the same errors from one edition to the next. Again there may be better books for self-study but in the classroom, this is still one of the best.

An Instructor's Review, August 30, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from San Antonio, TX United States

I inherited a small Java class from an instructor who could not teach this semester, but who had required students to get this book. Not good. Perhaps the last part of the book will get better, but the first half is a complete disappointment. Choose Deitel & Deitel, a Nutshell title, or Core Java over this lemon. The book is packed with errors.

A book you should avoid, August 20, 2001
Reviewer: Karen from Fairfax, VA

If this was not the first JAVA book I read, my JAVA learning experience would have been much more pleasant. The book did a poor job in explaining concepts such as constructors, etc. I found errors even in the operator precedence. The other two JAVA books I read did a much better job and clarified most of the confusion I got from Liang's book. If you have a choice, you should avoid this book.

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