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Java with Visual J++

Java with Visual J++
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Java with Visual J++
by Dudley W. Gill

Hardcover: 488 pages
Dimensions (in inches): 1.21 x 9.46 x 6.41
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0849320488; (December 20, 1999)

From Book News, Inc.: Addresses Java's visual development capability and Windows orientation and offers in-depth coverage of major concepts and techniques of programming. Coverage includes event and object oriented programming, network programming, and Java applications, with sections on language fundamentals, programming techniques, the Abstract Window Toolkit, and communications, networking, and advanced topics. Contains chapter objectives, summaries, key words, review questions and exercises, and projects. Gill is principal of a consulting organization specializing in training and application development.Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Book Description: The use of Java as an application and system programming language has grown dramatically over the last several years, and hundreds of books have been published on the subject. With the advent of Visual J++ 6.0, however, the Java programming environment changes substantially -and makes most Java references and manuals obsolete. Many of the existing texts are rigorous, but reflect the early interest in Java's applet capability. Now, with the use of applets in Web sites significantly diminished and the emergence of the visual development environment, programmers, information technologists, and computer scientists need a text that addresses the visual development capability and Windows orientation in addition to in-depth coverage of the major concepts and techniques of programming.

Java with Visual J++ is just such a text. Along with its thorough treatment of Java, event and object oriented programming, network programming, and Java applications, each chapter contains clearly stated objectives, hands-on exercises, review questions, a list of key words and concepts, and a summary. It serves as an outstanding introductory programming text, and offers an ideal "quick start" to this hot new product for Visual Basic, C, and COBOL programmers who need to make the shift to Java programming.

Book Info: Serves as an outstanding introductory programming text and offers an ideal quick start to this hot new product. Numerous exercises included.

Customer Reviews
Where is the Beef, September 19, 2001
Reviewer: Herb Griffith from Torrance, CA USA

I purchased this book for a J++ class. I needed information and examples on referencing elements in an array containing a structure. On page 196, there is a very good example of an array with multiple elements-- but the author never showed how to define nor reference the elements in the array-- instead using this example- the author showed a single element array structure, Where's the beef. Soooo- its to the local bookstore for a real book on J++.

Good Intro Book for Java, May 30, 2000
Reviewer: Tony Yeung from Atlanta

Overall, the book serves as an excellent introductory book for anyone wanting to learn Java using Visual J++. The language is lucid, and the examples are not too long. Each example is followed by the author's easy-to-understand explanation. The excercises that followed are also helpful. They require some thinking, but not so much as to make one gives up on the question. The excercises on using the Visual J++ IDE are especially useful, since it greatly familiarizes one with the helpful features of the IDE (especially those for debugging). As an introductory book, this books does not try to overwhelm one with the rich features of the Java language. Rather, it tries to give one a solid foundation on programming language in general using Java. All in all, the book delivers on its intended purpose (of introducing Java).

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