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Visual J++ 6 from the Ground Up

Visual J++ 6 from the Ground Up
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Visual J++ 6 from the Ground Up (From the Ground Up)
by Brian Maso

Paperback: 800 pages
Dimensions (in inches): 1.90 x 9.10 x 7.36
Publisher: Osborne McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0078825059; (October 8, 1998) The philosophy of this text is to eliminate what the author calls "fluff"--unnecessary screen shots or extraneous listings of APIs. This means that the book is packed solid with real ideas on designing and using Java.

The book begins with a basic application, and then moves on to explaining data types and the basics of writing classes. The author's coverage of how to use inheritance and interfaces in Java is just excellent, mixing intelligent ideas on object-oriented design with the nuts and bolts of the Java programming language. Subsequent chapters on Java exceptions and threads are also noteworthy for their depth and detail.

The book gradually zeroes in on Microsoft-specific features, but only after a thorough tour of core Java, including networking, file input/output (I/O), and basic Abstract Windows Toolkit (AWT) programming. Visual J++ 6 features that are covered include J/Direct, Windows Foundation Classes (WFC), and ActiveX control programming, as well as databases, including the ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), Data Access Objects (DAO), and Remote Data Objects (RDO) specifications. -- Richard Dragan

Book Description: Author is industry-recognized Java expert and columnist. Examples are based on author's training seminars--delving into what people really want to do with Java. 100% support of the Microsoft Visual Studio team--offering full technical support. In-depth coverage of integrating Java with Active X/COM and dynamic HTML. Produce commercial-quality code--quickly. All the code from the book will be available on the Osborne web site.

Ingram: An industry-recognized Java expert gives in-depth coverage of integrating Java with ActiveX/COM and Dynamic HTML. Readers will learn how to produce commercial-quality code--quickly.

From the Back Cover: Write high-powered Java Applications for Windows! Visual J++ 6 is a revolution in Java tools. Built around the powerful Windows Foundation Classes (WFC), Visual J++ makes every existing Java programmer an instant Windows programmer. And if you're a Visual C++ or Visual Basic professional, Visual J++ allows you all the power of the Java language, coupled with the Windows API you're used to. This accelerated, no-fluff guide is packed with the details you need to effectively use Visual J++ in the real world. It shows you the power and the grace of the Java language--going as deep into the theory and use of the language as you want to.

The book also shows you how to use Microsoft's powerful extensions to the Java language and the Java platform, such as ActiveX, OLE DB, COM/DCOM, WFC components, and the WFC component model. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking for a quick migration path to Java, or a Java novice, Visual J++ from the Ground Up has everything you need. Inside you will: master the fundamentals of Java; use all the power of the Java language, from inner classes to multithreading; understand the basics of Java's core frameworks from networking to the AWT; master Microsoft's WFC to create powerful graphics, database applications, and more; build sophisticated GUIs for your Java apps; exploit Windows' DirectX API in Java; use Visual J++'s productivity features; project management, to to lists, user interface construction, and database and deployment tools; utilize all the advanced features of the Windows platform in your Java apps--including ActiveX and OLE DB.

Customer Reviews
Mixed Review - Lots of Bugs, But Lots of Information, February 19, 1999
Reviewer: A reader from Dayton, Ohio

This book is driving me crazy! I'm up to page 564 and I find several more bugs in the examples presented. Since the book does not include a CD with bug-free working examples I am really tempted to knock on this book. It also frustrates me when an author prints source code that clearly has never been tested. But despite all the bugs, the book is fairly well written and covers many topics. It does a good job of explaining Java development for Windows, but is really poor at describing Java programming for platform independent applications. But then again I find Visual J++ to be a very poor development tool for platform independent applications. For that, purchase Borlands JBuilder 2 (it's a much cleaner environment). All in all, the book presents a lot of material in an easy to understand format, but don't expect many of the examples to work the first time. You will become an experienced Java programmer through the process of fixing the authors code.

Great for C++ to Java Programmer, April 16, 2000
Reviewer: Bart MCFarling from Amory MS

I am a C++ programmer and wanted to learn to use Java efficently and learn it quickly. The other reviews complain that the book advertised for beginning programmers, my copy did not. The book description was 100% correct. If you have a good understanding of programming techniques and want to learn the syntax, and structure of Java using MS Visual J++ 6.0, buy this book.

Not many bugs, December 18, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from Round Rock, tx USA

This is a good book. Granted it seems like it would be for novices, it is not.THERE ARE NOT THAT MANY BUGS. You just have to watch your syntax. One of the biggest problems with novices starting Java is that the syntax is so strict. Be sure to use capitals when it shows to. :o) It doesn't matter if you are a experienced programmer or not, if you are not experienced at with C++ or at the least JavaScript then the syntax will kill you.

Skip this one and save yourself the tylenol!, August 14, 2000
Reviewer: A reader from Grafton, MA USA

I'm an experienced programmer who wanted to learn java and MS J++ 6.0. I made it half way through the first chapter when I gave up and decided to return the book. I'm sorry, if an author cannot get a hello world example correct as well as basic screen descriptions, it's not worth trying to figure it out. It seems obvious to me that the author has not tried his own exmples. It's as if he wasn't familiar with the subject matter prior to writing the book.

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