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Enterprise Java(tm) Servlets

Enterprise Java(tm) Servlets
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Enterprise Java(tm) Servlets
by Jeff M. Genender

Paperback: 464 pages
Publisher: Addison Wesley Professional
ISBN: 020170921X; 1st edition (September 4, 2001)

From Book News, Inc.: This book provides guidance for designing and building a base enterprise servlet. Based on tested servlet architecture, it provides new development methods, sample code, and case studies. It also offers advice on avoiding common problems. A companion CD-ROM contains code examples, and versions of JRun, ServletExec, and Apache Tomcat Servlet Container for both Windows and UNIX. Genender is a consultant specializing in Java and Web development.Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

From the Back Cover: Learn to design and build a base enterprise servlet. Create an architecture that makes your enterprise applications run faster and more reliably. Java™ servlets are rapidly replacing CGI as the tool of choice for creating interactive applications for the enterprise market. Using the Java programming language's servlet technology speeds up the application development process, freeing developers from the need to make platform-specific modifications. Servlet technology is reliable, employs reusable components, and ensures high performance in the demanding enterprise and e-commerce markets. Enterprise Java™ Servlets anticipates common issues and provides new development methods, extensive sample code, and case studies.

The book is based on a battle-tested base servlet architecture that the author and his team created while repairing a workflow application for clients. Jeff noticed that many corporations and development shops ran into the same problems and pitfalls time and time again. This book chronicles Jeff's experiences creating a servlet-based architecture, which helps avoid issues that are continually encountered and provides for rapid application development in the enterprise. The type of architecture presented here eliminates the need to code servlets from scratch and automatically provides each servlet with access to all the new features and solutions added to the base servlet. This type of single-servlet approach results in a single, consistent application that is easy to migrate to production and extend to new applications.

You'll find expert coverage of various topics, including:
• HTML development in servlets
• How templates assist in content management
• Pool objects that streamline the use of objects and database connections in a Web environment
• Integrating LDAP into a Java servlet application
• Dynamic image generation and pluggable security models for servlets
• Multiple applications running on a single server and the effect on session, component, and application variables

Geared to developers who have a working knowledge of servlet development, this book provides the base servlet architecture--complete with extensive code samples and numerous case studies--that you can build on when writing enterprise applications. Using base servlet architecture removes the drudgery of developing servlets, so you can concentrate on business needs. The accompanying CD-ROM includes code examples, as well as Windows and UNIX versions of JRun, ServletExec, and Apache Tomcat Servlet Container.

About the Author: Jeff Genender has been specializing in Java servlet technology for more than six years. Currently affiliated with Savoir Technologies, he is a veteran consultant specializing in Java and Web development.

Customer Reviews
SUPER BOOK, March 2, 2002
Reviewer: John Randy Kolitz from New York, NY USA

I have read alot of books on Java, and this one is the only one that seems to clearly explain all of the details. It makes development easy by providing sample code, and explanations. It contains many photos that really give you the grasp of a potentially complicated coding process.

Awesome book, October 8, 2001
Reviewer: gregsv989 from San Fracisco, CA USA

This book is outstanding in that it approaches Java Servlet development more practically than most other books. It shows the problems that you run into during development and heads them off by showing you what you may end up encountering and the approriate solution. This book saved my team alot of hours of headaches in that we ran into alot of the issues that the author had explained about in the book. Also his explanation of object pools and LDAP connectivity was excellent. I highly recommend this book to any development team.

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