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Java Servlets (Enterprise Computing)

Java Servlets (Enterprise Computing)
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Java Servlets (Enterprise Computing)
by Karl Moss

Paperback: 514 pages
Dimensions (in inches): 1.52 x 9.17 x 7.33
Publisher: Computing McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0071351884; 2nd Bk&cdr edition (June 1999)

From Book News, Inc.: A book/CD-ROM explaining the importance of servlets and showing how to use them to develop distributed, Internet-based applications. Focus is on developing servlets and integrating other Java technologies such as JDBC and RMI. An appendix offers a complete set of servlet API classes. The CD-ROM contains the Java Servlet API, source code, and other software for Windows and Solaris. For developers and programmers familiar with object-oriented programming and Java. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Book Description: Thorough--Complete coverage of everything from Java Web Server and JDBC to automated servlet programming and three-tier solution using HTTP tunneling. All new information--This revision will make the book the most complete servlet programming reference on the market, featuring: Session Management - A key servlet application development since the 1st edition was written; A complete update of the Servlet API reference; In-depth treatment of servlet development.

Ingram: Senior Systems Developer at SAS Institute and creator of the JDBC-ODBC bridge brings "Java Servlets", featured with a practical step-by-step approach. CD-ROM contains Java Servlet API, all source code from the book, the newest version of Java's Development Kit--JDK 1.2 and other tools, software, and utilities.

Card catalog description: Java Servlets is the most comprehensive guide to the Java Servlet API available. With an appendix containing the complete servlet API classes, this professional guide is all you need to get servlets up, running - and performing every trick in the book - in record time.

From the Back Cover: Write leading-edge Web Server Applications with Java. With this guide you leave CGI behind and use Java to develop the versatile, distributed, Internet-based applications Web users and businesses demand. Written by a development pro, and crammed with sample code, this book shows you each step as you: Learn about the Java Web Server; Discover how to automatically create distribution ZIP and JAR files using class dependencies; process data from HTML forms within servlets; return data formatted in HTML from a database; make remote method calls from applets to servlets via HTTP (without RMI); construct a Java code generator that automated distributed object programming; create a thin-client JDBC driver (type 3) that uses HTTP tunneling through any JDBC or ODBC driver on the server; write servlets that use RMI to communicate with other Java servers. Java Servlets is the most comprehensive guide to the Java Servlet API available. With an appendix containing the complete servlet API classes, this professional guide is all you need to get servlets up, running-and performing every trick in the book-in record time.

On the CD-ROM: All files compatible with Windows and Solaris: Java Servlet API; All book source code; Borland JBuilder Trial Version; New Atlanta's ServletExec; Live Software's industry-leading JRun servlet engine.

Customer Reviews
Execllent intro to using JDBC from servlets., August 21, 1998
Reviewer: Reader from San Francisco

This book was excellent as well as well-edited (very few typos compared to other computer books). I found the JDBC sections to be very useful, especially as they relate to the web. That is a highly relevant area to be covering in servlets. The code examples are also very useful. There is a lot of coverage of JDBC in the book. It is definitely the best book on servlets that I have seen out there. My only criticism of the book is that, while it covers lots of JDBC, it barely covers session management, cookies, and some of the other issues that servlet authors need to be aware of in using the web as a communication medium. The only improvement to the book could be that it could cover less JDBC and more web-specific information. All in all this was a really good book though and the information inside of it is presented very well.

A great book to learn the ins and outs of servlets, July 18, 1998
Reviewer: Paul Clip from California, USA

This book not only gives you a great introduction to programming servlets (including hosting and configuration, chaining, etc.) but also delves into related topics such as HTTP tunneling and using introspection to simplify servlet programming. I especially liked the amount of JDBC/RMI information included in the book since many servlets written will want to interface to other Java servers or databases. Having written an article on servlets for BYTE, I was pleased to find this much information packed in the book. My only disappointment is that the author didn't include more on managing state with servlets (e.g. through cookies) and about the future of servlets (covering developments such as Servlet Beans, and the impact, if any, of EJB on the servlet standard). All in all, a great servlet book!

Poor book for Java Servlets, August 15, 2001
Reviewer: alvinlaw from Hong Kong

Moss is good in JDBC, so nearly 1/3 of the book focus on JDBC instead of java servlets, if you are really want to learn servlets, don't buy this book.

As I said above, the book focus on JDBC, not servlet, so the material covered on servlet is not enough, especially for beginner, they may not even know how to get a parameter from a form.

Read oreally or wrox instead, don't buy this book if you really want to learn servlet. Only buy this when you like JDBC on java servlet.

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