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Java 2 Programmer's Reference

Java 2 Programmer's Reference
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Java 2 Programmer's Reference
by Herb Schildt, Joseph O'Neil, Herbert Schildt

Paperback: 447 pages
Dimensions (in inches): 1.15 x 8.40 x 5.47
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
ISBN: 0072123540; 1st edition (March 27, 2000)

Book Description: Get essential programming information at your fingertips! Written by master programmer and best-selling author Herb Schildt, this book covers the new Java 2 features--Java 2 API Libraries, new collections framework classes, new input methods, and more. You'll get quick access to essential syntax and full details on classes, inheritance, packages, and interfaces.

Book Info: Provides you with succinct explanations of syntax, keywords, operators, commands, classes, and interfaces. Explore the new collections framework and Swing--both new to Java 2.

From the Back Cover: Java(tm) 2 Essentials and Syntax in One Handy Reference!

Get a wealth of Java 2 information in this convenient resource and idea generator. Java 2 Programmer's Reference provides you with succinct explanations of syntax, keywords, commands, functions, classes, and API libraries. No programmer can remember the precise syntax of all commands of the proper way of calling functions-now you don't have to because it's all here! Throughout the book, master programmer Herbert Schildt gives you essential tips and expert Java programming advice.

Quickly find the essential Java 2 syntax for keywords, operators, methods, interfaces, and classes.

Learn about inheritance, packages, and access control.

Use the most valuable classes in the Java 2 APi libraries.

Explore the new collections framework and Swing - both new to Java 2.

Customer Reviews
Quick and succinct reference book, June 23, 2000
Reviewer: 2sinong

This book provides quick and fast reference to almost all the java api and implemented classes. In addition, it provides brief but clear explanation to important concepts such as inheritance, interface and exceptions that's meant to be more of a refresher.

I feel that this book is good for those who have fairly good concept of programming in other languages and just need the nitty stuff in the java language. Although most of the stuff you can probably read off the free Java SDK reference, I find it more handy to just search for what I need in the index of this book. Besides, I find the section on programming tips really useful and they save one the chore of having to go through all the details in thicker java programming reference books.

For beginners, Java 2: The Complete Reference, by the same author, might be a better choice, since it goes into details with all the important concepts and provides more examples.

Just fair!, May 6, 2000
Reviewer: A reader from Canada

I bought this book because my current java reference book was getting old. I chose this specific book because I have a C/C++ reference book by Herb Schildt which is excellent. In fact, I would highly recommend this book. However, I found this java reference to be too vague with not enough programming samples. I think I was expecting more from the book.

Great reference book, April 8, 2000
Reviewer: Bartlett from MI

As a first year CIS major and with no programming experience (unless you count BASIC, 10+ years ago in H.S.), this book has been an invaluable source. With the instructor admitting that our current textbook is sometimes confusing and that it jumps in and out of topics without warning, this book sums up many things in a clear, concise manner. It's very confusing and frustrating to reference the textbook for an answer, only to end up more confused then when you started. I can not say what value this will have for an experienced programmer, although I would think that that a reference book for any level programmer would be useful. After all, no one can remember everything about all aspects of a language. However, the level of reference that this book provides may not be enough for veteran programmers. I simply do not know. Anyway, I believe it to be a great addition to any beginner's Java library.

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