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The Sun Certified Java Developer Exam with J2SE 1.4

The Sun Certified Java Developer Exam with J2SE 1.4
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The Sun Certified Java Developer Exam with J2SE 1.4
by Mehran Habibi, Jeremy Patterson, Terry Camerlengo

Paperback: 350 pages
Publisher: APress
ISBN: 1590590309; 1st edition (June 28, 2002)

Book Description: The Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition software is the premier solution for rapidly developing and deploying mission-critical, enterprise applications. Version 1.4 builds upon Java technology's cross-platform support and robust security model with new features and functionality, enhanced performance and scalability, and improved reliability and serviceability. It also advances rich client application development and provides the foundation for standards-based, interoperable Web services that can be built and deployed today! "Java 1.4 and the Sun Certified Developer Exam" is two-pronged in approach, highlighting the new features offered by the forthcoming release of Java 1.4, and providing practical instruction towards mastering these new features by working through a project similar to what is required to successfully complete the Sun Certified Developer Examination.

• Exclusive and concise focus on the Developer Exam
• The use of Java 1.4 - now available to the Java community
• An integrated project that grows and evolves as the book progresses

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