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Java 2 Certification Virtual Test Center

Java 2 Certification Virtual Test Center
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Java 2 Certification Virtual Test Center
by Sybex

Dimensions (in inches): 1.89 x 9.35 x 7.77
Publisher: Sybex
ISBN: 0782130089; Cd-Rom edition (May 2001)

Book Description: --Test your knowledge with 400 sample-test questions in a challenging adaptive format which provides full explanations and references for every question.
- Covers the "Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform" exam.
- Perfect companion to the best-selling Study Guide and Exam Notes books from Sybex.

Book Info: A CD-ROM, in display case, featuring a multimedia study center for the Java 2 Programmers Exam. Features practice and 'timed' tests, random test questions, answers with complete explanations, and other features that allow the user to customize the study tools. System requirements: Pentium 166+, 32MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM drive, Windows 9X, sound card, or comparable Unix system.

Customer Reviews
Buy this and be as sorry as this book, May 26, 2002
Reviewer: A reader from Tracy, CA United States

This is horrible software. I am in the second chapter and I am just fusterated with the book. The material doesn't even perpare you for their own questions, how can it attempt to prepare you for Sun's. You think your doing alright untill you take the test at the end of the chapter and the questions cover things that are nowhere to be found in the material you just read. Then it has the nerve to go back and reread that material like its going to help. Don't wast your time with this second rate [junk].

Its ok, January 1, 2002
Reviewer: Robinson from VA

To whomsoever its concern,
The book is a nice attempt and is useful for scjp aspirants. But still it needs lot of improvements in terms of content etc.
For someone like me, who has some experience in java i believe Mock Tests are highly valuable than anything else.
Hope this will help someone making the decision.

This will keep happening untill we are able to return CD-s, November 12, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from Bellevue, WA USA

This CD contains just about any content error you can imagine - wrong answers being set as good, correct answers being set as bad, explanations contradicting answers, answers obviously inverted by "engine", inconsistency among variations of essentially the same question. For example once class is requred to actually implement public clone() the other time it is allowed to "pass by" just with stating "implements Cloneable" and not implemting public clone. Or question saying "doesn;t compile because of instanceOf" while code with the question contains normal "instanceof". Looks like one thing wiht this was attempt to artificially increase number of questions by letting software do some run-time changes which then went out of sync.

If you know Java really well you might practice catching their errors, otherwise it is plain dangerous for novice and useles for practice since efter several frustrations one ends up having to second guess every single question and answer. For a test preparation user has to be able to trust correctness of tsts and answers completely in order to have any use of them.

It was way too easy for whoever was in charge of this to missuse the "no right to return CD" and produce essentially useless CD like this, safe in knowledge that there is nothing buyer can do about it. If this was a book they would see a lot of returns and someone would start asking questions - like did someone spend 5 minutes on content checking and product testing :-) Funny thought - if they went selling this on eBay there would be a lot of returns and refunds for a merchandise not as advertized, so can it be that one is the least protected when purchasing something like this in a bookstore?

Very Disappointing, September 21, 2001
Reviewer: Garrick West from Seattle, WA USA

I picked this up to get a feel for the exam difficulty and to figure out what concepts I needed more focus on. I was not happy with this product for a number of reasons including:
* Linux Netscape Applet font problems (too big, can't answer questions) made it unusable on my preferred OS that was listed as being supporting.
* A couple of inaccurate questions in the first few tests(one was coverd in eratta on the Sybex site, a couple others weren't).
* Answer Explanations that simply told you to check a chapter and section in ANOTHER Sybex product (read: "Go buy more of our stuff").
* Tests 1 and 2 ran fine under Win98 and/or NT but 3 and 4 both got confused and would not score (telling me I hadn't answered anything, but still allowing me to review and get answers one at a time). Tests 3 and 4 also got confused the same way under Linux, while still having font problems.

For the record, I gave up after test 4 and bought another exam sim w/ over 600 questions written entirely in Java Swing that fit on a floppy and gives full explanations where needed quoted from the JLS (Java Language Specification) for .... It's called JQPlus from a company called Enthuware. No I don't work for them, no they didn't pay me. But at less than half the cost of Sybex Java 2 Certification Virtual Test Center, it's worth 3 times as much. I know. I passed my Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 on the first try September 17, 2001 with a score of 84% over all.

I hope Sybex takes some time to seriously clean this product up and figure out whom their audience is. It's a fine idea, but the technical implementation bugs and the "answers" that tell you to buy their other book would prevent me from recommending this. Until then, I highly recommend people take a good look at the small Java certification "community" for products like JQPlus.

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