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Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Study Guide

Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Study Guide
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Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Study Guide (Exam 310-025)
Hardcover: 672 pages
Dimensions (in inches): 2.22 x 9.52 x 7.40
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
ISBN: 0072132086; 2nd edition (July 30, 2001)

Book Description: The only classroom-based training and self-assessment system! Osborne's Sun Certified for Java 2 Study Guide provides 100% complete coverage of all official exam objectives for this challenging exam. Based on 200,000+ hours of IT training experience, the book contains hundreds of practice exam questions and hands-on exercises. The CD-ROM features full CertTrainer CBT software with interactive tutorials and lab simulations, plus the new ExamSim adaptive test engine.

From the Back Cover:
• The Only Certification Study System Based on 200,000+ Hours of IT Training Experience
• 100% Complete Coverage--All official test objectives for exam 310-025 are covered in detail
• Hands-on Exercises--Step-by-step instruction modeled after classroom labs
• Exam Watch--Warnings based on thorough post-exam research identifying the most troublesome exam topics and how to answer them correctly
• Three Types of Practice Questions--Knowledge, scenario, and lab-based questions, all with in-depth answers
• From the Classroom--Discussions of important issues direct from the classrooms of Global Knowledge's award-winning instructors

Full coverage of the topics you need to review, including how to:
• Write code that explicitly makes objects eligible for collection
• Write code using loops
• Write code using if and switch statements
• Catch an exception using try and catch
• Write and throw your own exceptions
• Design and implement tightly encapsulated classes
• Transition between thread states
• Communicate with objects by waiting and notifying
• Use the StringBuffer class
• CD-ROM features full CertTrainer CBT software and the new ExamSim test engine--more than 275 questions on CD
• CertTrainer
• e-Training--Self-paced review of key Java 2 topics, including exam tips
• In-depth Links--Need more explanation? Topically relevant links provide detailed instruction
• Skill Assessment--Test your knowledge with more than 250 challenging practice exam questions
• Score Reports--Indicate subject areas requiring further study
• ExamSim
• Complete Practice Exam--A realistic Java 2 exam with questions found only on the CD-ROM
• Review Mode--Analyze what you got wrong and why
• Detailed Answers--Explain why the correct options are right and why the incorrect options are wrong
• Score Report--Provides an overall assessment of your performance

E-book--Electronic, searchable version of the Study Guide

Customer Reviews
Complete coverage and good practice questions, February 13, 2002
Reviewer: Jen Levinson from Houston, Texas USA

This book is more than simple test preparation and provides the reader with a solid grounding in Java. If you just know a little object oriented programming I would recommend that you buy this to introduce yourself to Java. The topics in each chapter are coherent and to the point. Another excellent part of this book is the example code demonstrating almost every point, so rather than guess what the author is trying to explain you can actually see it. This really helped me with the concepts more than simple theory could. Everything is clearly explaned and you will learn exactly what you need to program in Java. The book also makes a good effort to make you appreciate some of the more common pitfalls in Java programming. It's almost like icing on the cake that after you will be able to pass the Java exam!

One complaint that I heard mentioned here is the nature of the questions. Once in a while I was a little frustrated with the difficulty of some (but not most) of the questions. And sometimes the questions seemed to ask the same topic is 2 or 3 different ways. But after going through the repetitive questions I realized it was just reinforcing necessary information such as the difference between passing variables by reference or by value. Some of these topics were repeated on the exam too, so when all was said and done I passed with room to spare. Another valuable part of the questions is that every multiple choice answer is explained, not just the incorrect ones. This really helped me pinpoint why I had some of the questions wrong.

I haven't been able to find the errors some people have reported here. I went to the company site to check for errors and there were a few mentioned but not nearly enough to warrent criticism on that level. My guess is some of these reviewers are a little green and aren't finding real errors (or if they think they are they should report them). An excellent book on all fronts.

A great primer for writing the exam!, February 2, 2002
Reviewer: Eric Boles from Upper Saddle River, NJ USA

I passed the exam with 88%, going into the exam with only about one year of programming experience on my own. This book filled in all the gaps I had in my knowlege of Java. The sample code sprinkled through the book really helps to understand the concepts, something I found missing in other books I compared this with. The best part of the book are the sample questions. There are about 20 per chapter, and the book not only explains why the answers are correct, but why the other answers are incorrect! This helped me enormously, and I only wish more books did this. This book is really excellent if you need to do some brushing up before the exam. I can't recomend this book enough.

One thing I would recommend to the authors is more in depth coverage of Strings. Strings are handled differently by the compiler depending on whether or not they are instantiated (using "new") or declared as a literal. Although some sample questions tested this, I didn't find an explanation of this difference in the book.

Very Good book, May 14, 2002
Reviewer: A reader from Tx, USA

I took Sun certification Java 2 programmer's exam and came out with 88%. I strongly recommend this book for those who are planning to take this exam. Just study this book,take some practice tests in the net and appear the exam to pass it with more than 85%.

Get Certified, March 15, 2002
Reviewer: A reader from Miami, FL

I have no regrets buying this book at all. It was 3 weeks hard studying for the test but I passed and now I'm certified. As a bonus I know every aspect of the Java language from top to bottom, something I didn't expect going in. It definitely pays to get certified and I'm now considered the Java expert at work.

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Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Study Guide
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